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Who Am I?


Who are you?

Iam Jonas “Lunetikk”, I got my first computer 1996/97 and now Iam here…

Why Lunetikk?

I have/ had many names and you might find some of my other ones on the internet as well. I came up with Lunetikk when a friend and I decided to make a clan on Xbox 360 which was called “DPS”. I wasnt aware of the word “lunatic”, I just thought “Luna” (Moon) sounds kind of cool, so I switched the “a” to “e” and and added “ikk” instead if “ic”. Called a “DPS Lunetikk” (“crazy” for “damage per second”) person is a nice sideeffect of that name as well. DPS in my name doesnt stand for “damage per second” btw, but thats another story…

Whats your other names?

Before “DPS Lunetikk” my gamertag was “FrEeEsTyLeR”. The name was related to my playstyle in Tony Hawk games (mostly THUG2).

Other names I use in games:
Kryptikk, Exotikk, Magikk, Psychotikk, Eukalyptikk, Apocalyptikk, Idiotikk, Sarcastikk, FrEeEsTyLeR, Crackie ^.^, ShOrTyC, …

Do you want to be a famous Youtuber?

Not really. I just upload for fun and I dont even “monetize” my videos. I cant imagine sitting around at home all day playing video games. Maybe when I was 14… but today I love my job and going to work.

What equipment do you use to record?

Have you seen my latest videos? I guess not. Lately I just upload via XboxDVR - DPS Lunetikk. Besides that I own multiple recording devices, such as Hauppauge HDPVR, Elgato HD60 and Elgato 4K60 Pro. I dont upload much recorded by those. Maybe in the future? Who knows…

Other recording stuff worth mentioning:

  • Auna MIC-900B - Microfone
  • Turtle Beach Ear Force Stealth 500X - Headset
  • Turtle Beach Ear Force PX5 - Headset
  • Turtle Beach Ear Force X12 - Headset
  • Vegas 14 Pro - Software

Do you ever stream?

Sometimes I do. I would like to do this with the Twitch or Mixer app on Xbox but the stream quality sucks and I cant capture screenshots or videos with DVR during the stream. I could stream via Elgato but thats most of the time to much work…

Update 05/2019:

I started to stream again with my Elgato, follow me on Mixer to get notified when I do. - DPS_Lunetikk

Where can I find you playing?

Why did you start a wiki?

I like to write down things I learned to look it up when I need it again. Doing this on paper or in text/word-files makes it hard to find what you need and you usually dont carry everything around all the time.

There are alot of linux topics, why linux?

I started with windows like mostly everyone (at least when I grew up and I guess today). Before windows I already had to use dos, as a kid it didnt really care about it but later I always felt so cool using batchfiles or the commandline. All cool hackers in movies used it, they never had any stupid windows gui…

I never really had a look at linux because I played my games on windows and so I had no use case for it. In 2011/2012 I had my first experiences with debian because I needed it in school. I wasnt the best student but I got a clean A in the first test. I fell in love with it. Later during my apprenticeship in 2012 I learned alot more from my trainer (now colleague, Tom ;-)). I had more use cases at work and kept on learning and loving linux until today.

What PC hardware are you using?

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