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I own several Headsets. Here is a list of them with pro and contra

Turtle Beach Ear Force X12

Pro Contra
kind of cheap Cable
Good sound Cant power it with PC USB (annoying brrrr)
Lightweight Need Adapter for XboxOne
Edit Bass, Vol, Voice, Mic (on/off) You can hear birds flying (supersensitive)

Turtle Beach Ear Force PX5

Pro Contra
Station with all connections Batterycap is breaking easy
Wireless (except 2.5mm to controller) Sometimes it just powers of without saying “battery low”
Changeable Batteries Expensive
Editable presets on PC Need Adapter for XboxOne
Send bluetooth audio to the headset

Turtle Beach Ear Force Stealth 500X

Pro Contra
Wireless (everything) Expensive
5.1 Sound Cant edit presets on PC
No Adapter for XboxOne needed Doesnt say anything (no battery low warning at all, never)
Good Sound Batterypack (need to charge with MiniUSBcable)
Switchable echo (hear yourself) No Station, just an USB-Transmitter

Turtle Beach Elite 800P

This is currently my headset to listen to music and chill

Pro Contra
Wireless (everything) Expensive
7.1 Sound No microphone
DTS Surround Sound Sometimes crashes, needs to be reconnected/ reset
Basestation for PC and XOX Still uses MicroUSB, so you cant just charge with your phonecharger if you have USB-C…
Bluetooth, you can connect your Echo Dot and play while listening to music Internal batterypack (cant replace easily)
Switchable echo (hear yourself) Not compatible with XSX
Mute your surroundings (birds, kids, cars, lawnmowers :D)

ASTRO Gaming A50

This is currently my headset when I play games on Xbox Series X and PC

Pro Contra
Wireless (everything) Expensive
7.1 Sound Cant mute without flipping your microphone up
Dolby Atmos Still uses MicroUSB, so you cant just charge with your phonecharger if you have USB-C…
Basestation for PC and XSX No bluetooth
Software to setup the audio presets Internal batterypack (cant replace easily)
Auto-standby when you dont wear it

Xbox One Stereo Headset Adapter

First of all, THIS THING IS ONE BIG PEACE OF SHI*. Sorry but… I have some reasons to say this. I had a greatly working PX5 headset with a 2.5mm audio jack for my Xbox360 controller. When the XboxOne came out I bought this adapter and everything worked fine. Soon I noticed that the 3.5mm to 2.5mm audio cable is made by people who are not playing with it at all. It is one long jack, the flatcable is bend 90° while playing. One day I couldnt hear anyone and yes… the cable was broken at the 90°. Thanks Microsoft… Do you want me to buy another fuc*ing 20€ Adapter for a little piece of shi* cable which is breaking again soon??? m(

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