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Soldier of Fortune 2 (SoF2)

My Story

Sometime back in 2004/2005 I used to play SoF2MP-Test (my name was usually DarkDevil). It was insane how many people played a MP Demo with just one map. At some point people started to build maps, I remember having 15GB of maps and mods inside my ~50MB gamefolder. I started playing just for fun and eventually joined some clans like -CriMeZ-.

Things I remember from back in the days…

  • I joined CriMeZ after tryouts with StyLeZz and some other people
  • When CriMeZ died down someone created #Planet (iirc) (“GxK Markus” and “Transworld” aka Kai ?)
  • There was a clan called “Soap” and their member “Bash” was accused of wallhacking, I also remember seeing a screenshot of him looking up the offices from the conferenceroom with his weapon being “glitched”, it wasnt round which usually happens when wh'ed
  • I used to play the map “Swimminpool” with someone named “Oskar” and we created another clan but I forgot its name
  • People used to chat via MSN Messenger and ICQ back in the day…
  • in clanwars I used to host the matches because I had the fasted internet (DSL 2k and later 6k)
  • To this day I still know most of the console commands and map glitches


The game loads and then crashes

Rename your .exe to mohaa.exe

The game is zoomed to the top right

  1. rightclick on the .exe
  2. click on Properties > Compatibility
  3. click on the “Change high DPI settings” button.
  4. in the Window that opens, tick the box next to “override high DPI scaling behavior”.

Corrupted pak0.pk3: 107780178

You use mods with the default .exe, you need the modified .exe

Click the link to download djminifix


Probably the last existing “screenshot” of CriMeZ

I also found my name in the memberlist of the CriMeZ website (Webarchive 2004), 1985 was a total lie btw

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