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Install WiFi

After buying another WiFi USB I had to install the correct drivers. TP-Link only had 2 year old beta drivers for TL-WN823N. Installing them failed multiple times.

I then found “Install-WiFi” which installed the correct drivers without any input.


Download, make executeable, execute

wget -O /usr/bin/install-wifi
chmod +x /usr/bin/install-wifi


#wget -O /usr/bin/install-wifi
#chmod +x /usr/bin/install-wifi

 *** Raspberry Pi wifi driver installer by MrEngman.
 *** Performing self-update
 *** Relaunching after update

 *** Raspberry Pi wifi driver installer by MrEngman.

Your current kernel revision = 4.19.66-v7+
Your current kernel build    = #1253

Checking for a wifi module to determine the driver to install.

Your wifi module is Bus 001 Device 006: ID 2357:0109 TP-Link TL WN823N RTL8192EU

And it uses the 8192eu driver.

Your Pi revision number is a01041
You have a Pi 2B v1.1
Checking for a 8192eu wifi driver module for your current kernel.
There is a driver module available for this kernel revision.
Downloading the 8192eu driver, 8192eu-4.19.66-v7-1253.tar.gz.
Installing the 8192eu driver.

Installing driver config file 8192eu.conf.
mv 8192eu.conf /etc/modprobe.d/.
Installing driver module 8192eu.ko.
install -p -m 644 8192eu.ko /lib/modules/4.19.66-v7+/kernel/drivers/net/wireless
Loading and running the 8192eu driver, 8192eu.ko.

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