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As e-mail client Iam using the freeware “Mozilla Thunderbird Version 17”

Configure Thunderbird

After start of Thunderbird go to “Menu - Options - Account Options - Accountactions?(translated) - add e-mail account” to add a new account. If you display the symbolbar you can go to account options in the tab “extras”

For Name you can use any Name for example “Lunetikk” The e-mailaddress has to be the mailbox and the FQDN, in this example it is “[email protected] The password is the password of the mailboxuser. If you found an entry you can press “Done” to complete.

If nothing was found you have to insert everything manually. For IMAP and SMTP you have to add the IP of the Linux Distribution “” or the FQDN “lunetikk.lunetikk.local”. IMAP has port “143” and SMTP port “25”. Both have no SSL connection and for authentification “password normal” Once again press “Done” to complete.

Postfix, Cyrus and the e-mail client Thunder are now successfully configured and can be used to send mails between users.

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