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 +====== Thunderbird ======
 +As e-mail client Iam using the freeware "Mozilla Thunderbird Version 17"
 +===== Configure Thunderbird =====
 +After start of Thunderbird go to "Menu - Options - Account Options - Accountactions?(translated) - add e-mail account" to add a new account. If you display the symbolbar you can go to account options in the tab "extras" 
 +For Name you can use any Name for example "Lunetikk"
 +The e-mailaddress has to be the mailbox and the FQDN, in this example it is "lunetikk@lunetikk.lunetikk.local
 +The password is the password of the mailboxuser.
 +If you found an entry you can press "Done" to complete.
 +If nothing was found you have to insert everything manually.
 +For IMAP and SMTP you have to add the IP of the Linux Distribution "" or the FQDN "lunetikk.lunetikk.local". IMAP has port "143" and SMTP port "25".
 +Both have no SSL connection and for authentification "password normal"
 +Once again press "Done" to complete.
 +Postfix, Cyrus and the e-mail client Thunder are now successfully configured and can be used to send mails between users.
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