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Perl Basic

Code What it does
#!/usr/bin/perl shebang
chomp ($text = <STDIN>); Insert text without a “nextline”
print (“Hallo Welt!”); Text output
$variable = “inhalt”; Add a variable
print $variable; Variable output
\n Nextline
@array; Add array
print $array[0]; Output of array position 0
push ($array, “newValue”); Add to the end of the array
unshift … Add to the beginning
pop … Remove at the end
shift … Remove at the beginning
foreach $arrayelement (@array) {
    print $arrayelement;
Output of all arrayelements
if ($nr2 < 1000) {
    print "nr 2 is smaller than 1000";
else  {
    print "nr 2 is bigger than 1000";
Example if-else
while ($count != $result) {
    print $count;
    print "\n";
While - until


Marlon, 2015/06/15 16:03

really basic, thanks ^_^

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