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CSS basics

Code Function
/* */ open and close a comment
a:link {color:#93BC3A;} change the color of unvisited links
a:visited {color:#93BC3A;} change the color of visited links
a:hover {color:#5DA93D;} change the color when hover links
a:active {color:#93BC3A;} change the color of selected links
body {} everything between {} will be used by body
a {} everything between {} will be used for <a..> commands for example: <a href>
#divcontainer {} calling divcontainer in HTML will use everything between {}
margin-left(or right,top,bottom): auto; width around div will scale automatically
padding-left(or right,top,bottom): auto; width within div will scale automatically
width: 870px; change width
height: 700px; change height
position: relative; relative positioned element is positioned relative to its normal position
float: left; elements after the floating element will flow around it
z-index: 1; push to the front
background: #586461; change backgroundcolor
background: url(“pics/color.png”) repeat; repeat a picture in the background
background-color: transparent; set the background to transparent
font-family: Verdana,sans-serif; set the font (ONLY THE ONES IMPLEMENTED IN CSS WILL WORK!)
font-size: 15px; set the fontsize
font-style:italic; set the fontstyle
font-weight:bold; change the font to bold alt.:<b></b> or <strong></strong>
color: #fff; set the fontcolor
text-align:center(oder left,right); set text to center
cursor: pointer; set cursor to pointer

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