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Command Function
nltest /DCLIST:<DOMAIN> Shows all domaincontrollers for this domain
taskkill /IM <processname> /f Kills all processes with the given name
shutdown /r /t 30 /d p:0:0 /c „Aufgrund von Wartungsarbeiten wird der Server neu gestartet“ Restart Windows Server 2008 and higher with commandline
ren *.jpg *.png Rename all files from .jpg to .png in your current folder
([adsi]'WinNT://domain/username').ChangePassword('oldpassword','newpassword') Change your pass (ActiveDirectory) via Powershell (in case CTRL+ALT+DEL doesnt work)
fsutil fsinfo drives CMD command - list all drives
net user <username> /domain show account info like password expiry date
Get-DhcpServerInDC show all dhcp servers in domain
(new-object -ComObject shell.application).WindowsSecurity() open “strg + alt + entf” without pressing it


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