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You need to install an AD-server (with its own forest) with a new domain. The server needs its own DNS and a configured Reverse-Lookup-Zone. There also have to be atleast 2 Windows XP clients.

Configuring the domain

The installed Windows Server 2008 R2 should have a static ip and activated remote desktop. First you add the role “Active Directory Domainservices (AD). To do this go to “Server Manager → Roles → Add Roles”. After selecting a window with a list of serverroles will show up. You have to set a check for “Active Directory-Domainservices” and for the upcoming feature ”.NET Framework 3.5.1“ to add both. After this you should change the computername. You can also do this in the Servermanager “Servermanager → edit Computername- and Domain”. I chose “dc” and restarted.

In the next step you have to install the Domain Service. There are two ways to do this. 1: execute → dcpromo or 2: Server Manager → Roles → Active Directory-Domainservices. At dcpromo you have to select “Create new Domain in new Structure” and in the next windows you add a FQDN for the domain. ATTENTION: THIS IS THE FQDN OF THE DOMAIN, NOT THE SERVER! I took “ad.local”. For a structurelevel you select Windows Server 2008 R2 to have all functions of this version. Now select the option that you want to install a DNS-server for your Domaincontroller. Click on “yes” in the upcoming popup. The standarddirectory for the databases, protocols and SYSVOL can be kept. You have to set a password for the recoverymode before finishing this step.

The AD-Domainservices have been installed.

To install the Reverse-Lookupzone you have to rightclick DNS and click “new zone”. In the opened window select “primary zone” and “on all DNS-servers within the structure”. At last select “IPv4 Reverse-Lookupzone” and type in the network id “10.0.0”

The installed XP clients need different ips and usernames. You can change the name and domain in “Systemcontrol → System → Computername” to “XPClient1” for example and the domain “ad.local”

⇒Continue with Groups and Users

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