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Since Cyrus-IMAPD is not installed yet, start yast and install it with the SLES 11 CD.

Edit imapd.conf

This configuration is at “/etc/imapd.conf”. Edit the following with vi:

Line 14 insert so Cyrus can check the passwords in plaintext.

sasl_mech_list: plain login

Line 17 insert to use be able to use unencrypted passwords.

allowplaintext: yes

Save and start Cyrus

rccyrus start

Insert to start Cyrus on boot

chkconfig cyrus on

Add path “/etc/sasl” with all subfolders to group “Mail”

chown –R root:mail /etc/sasl*

Change the Cyrus password

passwd cyrus

In the next step you create a mailbox for an user. Before you can do this you have to add a new user without the availability to log into the shell. You also dont need a homedirectory. For more mailboxes you have to add more users.

useradd lunetikk –s /bin/false

“lunetikk” needs a password for authentification at the mailbox.

passwd lunetikk

Login with user “Cyrus” into the Cyrus-shell

cyradm --user cyrus localhost
In this shell you can create a new mailbox for user “lunetikk”
cm user.lunetikk

with lm (listmailbox) you can list all created boxes.

user.lunetikk (HasNoChildren)

Thats it, Postfix and Cyrus are now configured and can be used with an e-mail client.

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