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Active Directory

This documentation is about the configuration of a Windows Server 2008 with Active Directory and Windows XP. ATTENTION: THIS DOCUMENTATION IS NOT ABOUT INSTALLING A WINDOWS SERVER 2008 R2, WINDOWS XP OR VMWARE!

What is

Active Directory?

Active Directory is the directory service for Windows Server, which is called Active Directory Domain Services (ADDS) since 2008. With this service you are able to create an environment with all requirements of a company. It is used to administrate users, groups, computers and other devices like printers.


Domain Name System, (short DNS) is required to translate names like to an ip. To use AD you need an own DNS-server.


Group Policy Object, (short GPO) are used to change profiles of users, groups or computers in the AD. You are able to change rights, attributes in the system and administration, securityoptions, remoteoptions and profileattributes. Policies are mostly used to restrict groups.


A trust between trees or forests connects the domain with each other. This way users can log in at other domains even if they do not exist. There are 3 different connections. “Bidirectional” connects to both ways, “Unidirectional: incoming” to connect data of a source AD to a target AD and “Unidirectional: outgoing” to connect the target data with the source AD.

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