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What is OneDrived?


Tested on Ubuntu 14.04 and 16.04


Check your Python version

python3 --version

If its lower than 3.3, install the latest version

apt-get install python3

Install Pip with Python

wget -O- | python3

Install the Pip setuptools

pip3 install -U pip setuptools

Install the keyring

pip3 install -U keyrings.alt

Install some more requirements

apt-get install build-essential python3-dev libssl-dev inotify-tools python3-dbus


Install OneDrived systemwide

pip3 install git+


To add an account execute the following and follow the instructions

onedrived-pref account add

To add a drive execute the following and follow the instructions

onedrived-pref drive set

Set a logfile path

onedrived-pref config set logfile_path /var/log/onedrived.log

Set a number of workers

onedrived-pref config set num_workers 5

Set a scan interval

onedrived-pref config set scan_interval_sec 1200


Command Function
onedrived start/stop/restart/status executes the set option…
onedrived-pref config set shows the availiable configs
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